City View is an exciting conversion of the turn-of the-century, American Lady Corset factory into upscale loft condominiums. Built by renowned architect Albert Kahn, City View Lofts feature Kahn’s signature reinforced concrete, and open, bright and efficient floor space.

City View Lofts History

Albert Kahn is one of the most prolific architects in American history. In 1904 he applied a new building concept-reinforced concrete-to his design for the new Packard Motor Car building. He utilized this technique on General Motors headquarters, the Ford River Rouge Complex and several buildings at the University of Michigan. In 1909 Kahn designed Jackson’s American Lady Corset factory most recently known as the Camp building. Historic Kahn factories and warehouses are being turned into loft apartments throughout Michigan and Pennsylvania. Don’t miss the excitement!


About the Developers

City View Lofts is a development of E.S.S.C., LLC. Formed in 2002, members of the company are Robert F. Cole, Architect, Robert L. Simmons, Real Estate Broker, and Eagle Ventures, Inc., licensed General Contractor.

Robert F. Cole is a registered architect and formed Architonics in 1972. Projects include Timber Meadows condominiums, Winston Park – commercial condominiums and several single-family residences.

Robert L. Simmons is co-owner of the Brokerage House and is a licensed real estate broker. He has been involved in numerous condominium projects including Spring Mill and Wandering Creek. He has also served as the real estate broker for the Lone Pine and Essex Park developments. Mr. Simmons serves as the project manager for City View Lofts.

William V. Benedetto is the founder and president of Eagle Ventures and has been a builder for more than 15 years.